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Jack Eddinger is a former newsman and U.S. Senate communications professional and press secretary. He has been a writer-editor with news organizations, including, The Baltimore Evening Sun, Washington Star and United Press International in the nation’s capital. 

He began his writing career as a staff writer for newspapers in Pennsylvania. He served as press secretary and administrative assistant to the Mayor of Baltimore, following service as public affairs director and editor at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. He holds a Master of Liberal Arts degree from The Johns Hopkins University and completed the Hopkins Writing Seminars. His AB degree is from Villanova University. 

He has taught news and feature writing at the University of Maryland, College of Journalism, and has written for newspapers and magazines. While serving on Capitol Hill he authored a chapter on congressional press and media relations in, Informing the People, a textbook on congressional and government public affairs. He lives in Baltimore and teaches in the Renaissance Program at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. He is a communications and media relations consultant and continues to write fiction and non-fiction. He is currently working on a historic novel about pre-Civil War America and works of non-fiction dealing with treason and dissent in the United States, and the rise of wealth in America.


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