What Reader's Are Saying:
A Very Savvy Book With Lots of Energy
"Muscular and brisk and just right for its subject. And vivid!"
Novelist Anne Tyler.
Riveting! A Cerebral "Coup De Grace"
I was totally engulfed in "INQUISITION". The brilliant command of the English language, vivid descriptions, in-depth character development, attention to the most minute detail, and the geographical scope, are overwhelming. It spans the rich industrial life of the Lehigh Valley, and the sophisticated political maneuverings of Washington DC, during a profoundly complicated era. Only someone who has conquered these areas could present this revealing insight into the soul of Congressman Zachary Taylor Harris. I thoroughly enjoyed it; was devoured by it. "INQUISITION" is the kind of book you won't want to put down!
Rose Marie Fox, Ambler, PA
History Comes To Life...With A BANG!
"History comes to life as Jack Eddinger mixes murder mystery, romance, politics, and espionage into a
thriller that won't let you stop reading until the last
page. I lived through the McCarthy era, and it's
fascinating to see the machinations that might
have gone on behind the scenes during this very
intense period of American life. As a former politcal
reporter, the author shows that he knows his stuff
from the inside out. If you like to learn something
while you're having an exciting time, read this book!
W. A. Peck, Baltimore, MD, "book junkie."
Joe McCarthy And The Mafia, Too!
"Any novel that can combine Joe McCarthy and the Mafia has got something going for it. On top of this, Inquisition provides a rich evocation of politics in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley and Washington in the 50s. Congressman Zach Taylor Harris maintains his hold on his Democratic seat in Bessemer City (read: Bethlehem) through an alliance with the Mafia and an agreement with the red-hunting FBI director (read: J. Edgar Hoover). In return Taylor keeps his house committee investigation into the red menace going. With all these characters to hate, it's a real page-turner.
Peter T. Leach, New York, NY, editor, The Journal of Commerce
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